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POL.034 RP - as chairman of 'Nixon for President', and re Nixon's 'My Bro Arthur' essay.mp3
Raymond Pitcairn discusses the disunity of Kennedy/Johnson versus the unity of Nixon/Lodge ticket.

POL.029 Ambassador Lodge - Abington Speech - September, 1960 sp - 15.mp3
Henry Cabot Lodge, Republican nominee for Vice President speaks at Abington High School in Pennsylvania. Topics include voter registration, communism, Nikita Kruschev, the Cold War, Richard Nixon.

POL.023 RP, Goldwater dinner #2 September 16, 1960.mp3
Speech by Arizona Senator Barry Goldwater as a fundraiser for the Republican Party

POL.005 RP intro, Eisenhower endorsing Nixon and Lodge.mp3
President Dwight. D. Eisenhower endorsing Richard Nixon and Cabot Lodge as the Republican Presidential nominees. Speaks about the qualities needed in a president. This recording contains and edited version of President Eisenhower's speech in…
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