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POL.048 Don Flint, meeting at Coles March 1964 sp - 7 1-2.mp3
Don Flint explains to a local audience why he wants to be a delegate to the national convention.

POL.045 Side 2 Nonnenmacher March 24, 1963 compressed.mp3
Nonnemacher discusses the philosophy of the Communist movement, Cuba, American diplomacy and the "missile crisis." There is no speech from Ashbrook on this tape. The digitization service did not convert both sides of the tape.

POL.044 Dr. Walter Judd side 2 sp - 3 3-4.mp3
Dr. Walter Judd addresses the International Christian Leadership. The recording ends mid-sentence.

POL.043 Dr. Walter Judd - Abington - August, 1964.mp3
Speech by Dr. Walter Judd held at Abington, PA in 1964. Judd speaks of changing the party from within, not without.

POL.029 Ambassador Lodge - Abington Speech - September, 1960 sp - 15.mp3
Henry Cabot Lodge, Republican nominee for Vice President speaks at Abington High School in Pennsylvania. Topics include voter registration, communism, Nikita Kruschev, the Cold War, Richard Nixon.

POL.018  R Pitcairn intro - Lodge 'Danger' (foreign affairs) - Abington sp - 7 1-2.mp3
Speeches given by vice-Presidential nominee Henry Cabot Lodge, Jr. There are two segments, both introduced by Raymond Pitcairn.
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