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Guide to Dublin Core Terms:



To search tags, click on a tag. To search for multiple tags at once please enter http://glencairnmuseum.omeka.net/items/browse/tag/[name of tag #1]/tag/[name of tag #2] etc. into your browsers web address bar. Tags that consist of multiple words should be entered [word#1+word#2] etc.

Example: http://glencairnmuseum.omeka.net/items/browse/tag/Ezekiel+Tower/tag/Stonework


Dublin Core:

A standardized series of categories by which an item can be described



The Title of an individual resource.

Examples: “South Side Ambulatory” “Edging of the Ezekiel Tower Roof 01” “Edging of the Ezekiel Tower Roof 02”



The general topic of a resource.

Example: Bryn Athyn Cathedral Construction



A detailed description of a resource or its contents



Who made it?



Where the object is stored, how to find it

Example: Archive Series x, Subsection y, Folder z



Who is the Publisher?



When was the object created? In the case of a photograph, when did the depicted events occur?

Examples: yyyy mm dd, circa yyyy



An entity responsible for making contributions to the source Rights: Information about who owns the rights to the resource, and what rights they own.



Related resources. Resources that pertain to the resource being catalogued.



The format of the file which has been uploaded to Omeka.

Examples: “Jpeg, 600 dpi, medium compression,” “mp4, 6 GB” etc.



What kind of item was the original source

Examples: Collection, Image, Sound, Text



A unique series of letters and numbers that identifies the object.

Examples: “CATH_0028”



The spatial or temporal topic of the resource.

Examples: “Bryn Athyn, PA”


Item Type Metadata:

Data that describes the original resource rather than the uploaded file


Original Format:

Describes the specifications of the resource, is it a painting? A color photograph? A statue? Written on monogrammed stationary? Written with a fountain pen?

Examples: Black & White Photograph, Letter written in blue ink on Academy stationary, etc. 


Physical Dimensions:

What are the dimensions of the resource?

Example: 4”x6”, 2’x3’x4’, etc. If no unit is noted, assume the dimensions are given in inches.