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POL.046 Shepherd (Al) September 20, 19- sp - 3 3-4 (edited).mp3
Interview/discussion with Al Shepherd regarding the Nixon/Lodge campaign

POL.042 Hilda Robbins Radio Forum sp - 15.mp3
Hilda Robbins discusses how women feel about the issues in the election.

POL.040 RP intro. Lodge - Abington excerpts, Post Editorial, Lincoln's Message for Our Times.mp3
There are four segments in this sound recording. 1) Raymond Pitcairn introduces Henry Cabot Lodge, 2) Raymond Pitcairn discusses the Saturday Evening Post's endorsement of Nixon/Lodge for President/Vice-President, 3) Raymond Pitcairn discusses…

POL.039 RP, Principles sp - 15.mp3
Raymond Pitcairn discusses the principles of political leadership, comparing the Kennedy/Johnson ticket to the Nixon/Lodge ticket.

POL.038 Nixon, Philadelphia Radio Broadcast sp - 7 1-2.mp3
Channel 6, Philadelphia. Richard Nixon's speech (same as POL.037). This recording is almost identical to POL.037 with advertisements and introductory singing.
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