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Architects John Walker and Harold Carswell pose with chief modeler Felix Sabatino

Draftsmen and architects posing outside of the architectural office. Frank Parziali, John Walker, Charles Sifferlin, Llewellyn Price, Harold Carswell

The Architectural Studio staff posed outside. Harold T. Carswell (designer), John A. Walker (head draughtsman), Charles Sifferlin (draughtsman), Frank Parziali (draughtsman), Egbert G. Glebe (book keeper), Raymond Pitcairn, Llewellyn Price (cub…

The Architectural Studio staff posed outside. Harold T Carswell, Edwin Asplundh, Llewellyn Price, Egbert Glebe, John Walker, E. Donald Robb, Frank Parziali, Raymond Pitcairn, Charles Sifferlin

Workmen including Ed Robb and Harold Carswell (and George Milne?)
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