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John Pitcairn and family on porch at Hell's Gate Camp (Copy of JGP_0057a)

Daughters of Dr. George Starkey, studio portrait

Gertrude Starkey Pitcairn holding her daughter Vera. 3 copies all labeled "Vera Pitcairn. Six months old. December 1887"

Gertrude Starkey Pitcairn and Vera Pitcairn, 6 copies of varying sizes

Black and White image of Gertrude Starkey Pitcairn holding her son Raymond. Two copies. Both labelled "Raymond Pitcairn. Born April 18th 1885. Four and a half months old at time of photograph." One labelled "Marked 'Gertrude Pitcairn, Raymond, 1885.'…

Head and shoulders portrait of Gertrude (Starkey) Pitcairn. Photograph mounted on textured and embossed board. Folder includes an enlarged and reversed print of the original photograph.

Photograph of Gertrude (Starkey) Pitcairn, standing by window and brick wall. Round photograph mounted on textured board. Photographer, Sam C. Partridge, Pacific Coast Agency, 529 Commerical St., San Francisco. Photo printer, W. B. Tyler, 506 Battery…

Photograph of Gertrude (Starkey) Pitcairn, seated with book. Photograph is very faded, hand-cut and has a pin hole in each corner.

Head and shoulders portrait of Gertrude Starkey Pitcairn. Photograph is faded and stained. Eyes of subject have been colorized. Dog-eared. Pose is similar to JGP0021.

Head and shoulders protrait of Gertrude Starkey Pitcairn. Photograph is faded, water-stained and dog-eared. A small bit of tape remains on one corner.

Gertrude Starkey Pitcairn, standing in wedding dress. The photo is in black and white. There is a sepia print of this photo that has been cut in half, showing subject from the waist up.

Gertrude Starkey Pitcairn, seated in wedding dress. There are four instances of this photograph, two printed in black and white and two printed in sepia tones.

Head and shoulders. 2 copies. One dated October 1886.

Head and shoulders, partial profile.

Head and shoulders profile. On back of photo: "Every variety of Photographs, including the new style of "Crayon" pictures, Photo-miniatures, Ivorytypes, Portraits in oil and copying all in the best manner."
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