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POL.022 Raymond Moley, Hannah Penn Talk February 9, 1966 sp - 7 1-2.mp3
Examination of the two party political system of the United States, presented to the Republican Women of Pennsylvania.

POL.021 copy Radio discussion of the Bricker Admendment sp - 7 1-2 - 4.mp3
"Town Hall" style discussion of the Bricker Amendment and how it would hamper the ability of the President and Congress to enter into treaties with other countries.

POL.011 RP as chairman of 'Nixon for president' WRCV address November 7, 1960 sp - 7 1-2.mp3
Raymond Pitcairn endorses Richard M. Nixon for President on WRCV radio (Philadelphia) on the day before the election.

POL.010 RP introducing Eisenhower endorsing Nixon-Lodge sp - 7 1-2.mp3
Various clips of Raymond Pitcairn "introducing" President Eisenhower (audio clips) in support of the Nixon/Lodge Campaign.

POL.009 Gov. Rockefeller, Chairman Morton sp - 3 3-4.mp3
Rogers Morton, Nelson Rockefeller speak at this Nixon/Lodge Campaign event.

POL.008 Dinner at Bellevue - Stratford MC Thurston Morton September 29, 1960 sp - 3 3-4.mp3
Political event during Nixon-Lodge Campaign held at the Bellvue-Stratford Hotel in Philadelphia. Very poor quality.

POL.007 Philadelphia Eisenhower Rally (RP + others) - April 18, 1952 sp - 7 1-2.mp3
Rally held at the Academy of Music in Philadelphia Speakers include Richard B.(?) Brown (Philadelphia Committee for Eisenhower), Senator James H. Duff, Raymond Pitcairn and Paul G. Hoffman. Same event as POL.006.

POL.006 Eisenhower Rally (RP + Hoffman) - April 22, 1952 sp - 15.mp3
Campaign Rally for Dwight D. Eisenhower. Speakers are Raymond Pitcairn (regional chairman for "Americans for Eisenhower" and Paul G. Hoffman, national chairman for "Americans for Eisenhower."

POL.005 RP intro, Eisenhower endorsing Nixon and Lodge.mp3
President Dwight. D. Eisenhower endorsing Richard Nixon and Cabot Lodge as the Republican Presidential nominees. Speaks about the qualities needed in a president. This recording contains and edited version of President Eisenhower's speech in…

POL.003 RP Radio Forum, Eisenhower endorsing Nixon-Lodge sp - 7 1-2.mp3
Dwight D. Eisenhower speech supporting Richard Nixon and Cabot Lodge for President

POL.002 Eisenhower - Philadelphia address - October 28, 1960.mp3
A speech given at the Bellvue-Stratford hotel in Philadelphia, PA. Campaign speech for the Nixon/Lodge republican presidential ticket, including his view of what type of leadership is needed in America.

Eisenhower - TV speech (edited to 5 min by LP) September 29, 1960 sp -  (faster than 7 1-2).mp3
Campaign speech in 1960 for the Richard M. Nixon/Cabot Lodge ticket. The tape of the speech was edited by Lachlan Pitcairn down to about 7 minutes.

POL.001 Eisenhower Visit to Glencairn - May 28, 1961.mp3
Former President Eisenhower gives a short talk at Glencairn, home of Raymond and Mildred Pitcairn. The recording was apparently recorded over other material as there is a short section of children talking and singing at the beginning of the…
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