The John and Gertrude Pitcairn Papers


The John and Gertrude Pitcairn Papers


John and Gertrude Pitcairn


Documents and photographs pertaining to John and Gertrude Pitcairn


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Bryn Athyn Historic District Archives at Glencairn Museum


Glencairn Museum




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Glencairn Museum


Bryn Athyn Historic District
Raymond & Mildred Pitcairn Papers




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Mostly Bryn Athyn, Pennsylvania, USA

Collection Items

Young John Pitcairn
Photograph of John Pitcairn dated (on back) as May 1869. There are two copies of this image. One has photographer information on the back: Broadbent and Phillips, Photographers. 1206 Chestnut St., Philadelphia.

John Pitcairn 01
Formal Portrait of John Pitcairn. Seven copies of the photograph exist in this collection. There are 3 copies mounted on hard board with only a bottom border in sepia tone. There are four copies mounted with complete borders that appear to be newer,…

John Pitcairn 02
Formal Portrait of John Pitcairn. First of two similar poses for this sitting. (similar to JPG0004)

John Pitcairn 03
Formal Portrait of John Pitcairn. Second of two similar poses (similar to JGP0003). Two instances

John Pitcairn & Catch of the Day
John Pitcairn posing with fish

John Pitcairn & Tarpon
John Pitcairn posing with tarpon

John Pitcairn 04
Formal portrait, oval. 2 copies. Embossed on the matte is a studio or photographer's name in the lower right (Marceau) and a small shield in the upper left ubder which is written "Successus et Laboris".

John Pitcairn 05
Formal portrait with polka dot tie.

John Pitcairn Sitting, with Book 01
Photo of John Pitcairn sitting with book. Likely a photograph for August Benzinger who painted his portrait (image of portrait in folder).

John Pitcairn Candid Photo
John Pitcairn, candid photo, head and shoulders. Statue of a woman visible in the background.

John Pitcairn with Hat, Coat and Cane
John Pitcairn, standing, wearing a hat and coat and holding a cane.

John Pitcairn Sitting, with Book 02
John Pitcairn portrait, sitting with book, similar to JGP0009. Also likely photo taken for August Benzinger to paint his portrait (portrait photo in JGP0009 folder).

John Pitcairn Sitting, with Book 03
John Pitcairn, sitting with book. Third portrait that was probably for August Benzinger to paint his portrait (similar to JGP0009 and JGP0012)

John Pitcairn 06
Partial profile of John Pitcairn. On back of photo: "Sarony, Gold Medal Paris, 1878, 37 Union Square, New York. Negatives and duplicates may be obtained at any time. Elevator from the street." Photo dated in pen, "Dec. 1880."

John Pitcairn 07
Engraving of a photograph of John Pitcairn. Engraving published by Lewis Historical Publishing Company. Engraving by E.G. Williams and Bro. NY. Photograph by (Elias) Goldensky.

Gertrude Starkey Pitcairn 01
Head and shoulders profile. On back of photo: "Every variety of Photographs, including the new style of "Crayon" pictures, Photo-miniatures, Ivorytypes, Portraits in oil and copying all in the best manner."

Gertrude Starkey Pitcairn 02
Head and shoulders, partial profile.

Gertrude Starkey Pitcairn 03
Head and shoulders. 2 copies. One dated October 1886.

Gertrude Starkey Pitcairn in Wedding Dress 01
Gertrude Starkey Pitcairn, seated in wedding dress. There are four instances of this photograph, two printed in black and white and two printed in sepia tones.

Gertrude Starkey Pitcairn in Wedding Dress 02
Gertrude Starkey Pitcairn, standing in wedding dress. The photo is in black and white. There is a sepia print of this photo that has been cut in half, showing subject from the waist up.

Gertrude Starkey Pitcairn 04
Head and shoulders protrait of Gertrude Starkey Pitcairn. Photograph is faded, water-stained and dog-eared. A small bit of tape remains on one corner.

Gertrude Starkey Pitcairn 05
Head and shoulders portrait of Gertrude Starkey Pitcairn. Photograph is faded and stained. Eyes of subject have been colorized. Dog-eared. Pose is similar to JGP0021.

Gertrude Starkey Pitcairn, Sitting with Book
Photograph of Gertrude (Starkey) Pitcairn, seated with book. Photograph is very faded, hand-cut and has a pin hole in each corner.

Gertrude Starkey Pitcairn Standing by Window
Photograph of Gertrude (Starkey) Pitcairn, standing by window and brick wall. Round photograph mounted on textured board. Photographer, Sam C. Partridge, Pacific Coast Agency, 529 Commerical St., San Francisco. Photo printer, W. B. Tyler, 506 Battery…

Gertrude Starkey Pitcairn 06
Head and shoulders portrait of Gertrude (Starkey) Pitcairn. Photograph mounted on textured and embossed board. Folder includes an enlarged and reversed print of the original photograph.
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