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Raymond Moley speech to Republican Women of PA

POL.022 Raymond Moley, Hannah Penn Talk February 9, 1966 sp - 7 1-2.mp3

Examination of the two party political system of the United States, presented to the Republican Women of Pennsylvania.

Town Hall Discussion of the Bricker Amendment

POL.021 copy Radio discussion of the Bricker Admendment sp - 7 1-2 - 4.mp3

"Town Hall" style discussion of the Bricker Amendment and how it would hamper the ability of the President and Congress to enter into treaties with…

R. Pitcairn Introduces Henry Cabot Lodge

POL.018  R Pitcairn intro - Lodge 'Danger' (foreign affairs) - Abington sp - 7 1-2.mp3

Speeches given by vice-Presidential nominee Henry Cabot Lodge, Jr. There are two segments, both introduced by Raymond Pitcairn.